Phenomenal. Quote/paraphrase from Adolph Hitler; "We are not beholden to any other people on earth. We are only answerable to the God who created our race." (from a speech given to the German people, filmed by Leni Riefenstahl.)

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Thanks for that explanation, it now pieces together.

I speak a little Spanish, but can't read as well as I can French and Italian.

But I will look that translation up.

Stupide moi, j'aurais dû me poser la question!

Surtout quand le cheval s'est déjà boulonné.

Portez-vous bien mon ami...

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May I reveal my ignorance, and question the numbers on the lapels of of the men in the picture that number to 6?


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Do you have German ancestors who have been soldiers during WWII? Do you mean that their spirits will haunt the ones who killed them? What then about my grandpa, who did kill a few...? Anyway, he was an atheist, so I don't know if they are together in glory or at two different places way up there, but - how will I know :) ? Will there ever be peace in any other place than the sea of oblivion?


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