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Reminds me of a poem by Jimmy Carroll, he of the Basketball Diary's, Wicked Gravity

Jim Carroll Band

Catholic Boy

Wicked Gravity

The gravity here is just sick for revenge

It's like my lungs are filled with chains . . .

The sky seems so low,

It hasn't moved this slow

Since the virgins, since the virgins went dancing for the rain

You know the stars in the night

They're like the holes in the cave

Like the ceiling of a bombed-out church

But gravity blocks my screams

It's like an enemy's dreams

My guardians quit

They quit before they started their search


I want a world without gravity

It could be just what I need

I'd watch the stars move close

I'd watch the earth recede

I wanna drift above the borders against my will

I wanna sleep where the angels don't pass

But now my lips are blue

Gravity does it to you

It's like they're pressed against a mirrored glass

I want my will and capability to meet inside the region

Where this gravity don't mean a thing

It's where the angels break through . . .

It's where they bring it to you

It's where silence, silence can teach me to sing

Repeat Refrain 2 times

I wanna lay beneath these sheets and never turn blue

I wanna hold you, hold you tight but never touch

I want some pure, pure white; hey, we can nod all night

We can do it without thinking too much

I want the dilettantes and parvenues to choke on my wit

They think the pearls I wear are pills

I want their gravity to shatter . . . but it really doesn't matter

I got something in my eye that kills!

Repeat Refrain

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked gravity . . .

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked gravity . . .

Wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked.


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Mon chėre Soufi,

there's naught that's so sublime as that

which is the fertile, fervent mind.

I salute you sir, and your majestic, poetical command!

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