Luminescent philosophy, L'aryensoufi, my appreciation and salutation conveyed. I admire your Phlogistic concept. Quite obviously, a merciful, loving creator would not design a realm wherein billions of sentient beings have to die, often horrible deaths, so that billions of others may live. Perhaps paradise once existed on this plane or realm aeons ago but if it did, it was co-opted by malevolent beings beyond our genetic memories. We were deployed here to seize it back.

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I beg to differ with the last sentence, if you can't take this piece seriously I have serious doubts about your sentience. If George Berkeley was here his rebuttal to the electric universe theory would read much like this. Great work l'aryen I'll crosspost and put it up on the Human.

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A beautiful article...

Is the photo of the mineral star the result of personal experiences?

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Is there truly a debate concerning the energy we have come to call electricity?

I ask this because even electricity is a multifaceted energy that as you point out, exists in a universe where nothing stands alone.

I wonder if electricity is not the nature of the debate, but merely the trigger for conflict.

The mania to isolate and separate and define is the origin of the multitude, and certainly we must realize that such a force for separation must exist in balance if it is to perform a healthy function.

Modern man is wandering around like an idiot, unaware of the wounds within that ensure a continuing policy of inflicting wounds "outside" of himself.

The trees, the trees are the center of everything.

Here in the USA there is a fanatical hatred of trees starting at the top. The corporate government has made it their mandate to annihilate all forests that retain any wild nature. Wild nature is wild love, and while I know you don't agree with me, without wild love there is no mankind.

Be well,


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Truth when told such, illuminates completely, and thus can only be told by those that know it...

Love the illustrations on this one l'aryensoufi, as much as your words.

Bravo. Salut.

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