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"God is an Archetype for a barrel of beer. And Satan likes his fill of draft."

True, shared, I hope it helps a bit...

This is becoming a gathering of poets, but there are worse curses and destinies in this world than the heart of the poet yearning for true freedom.

In a sense, we are all loners we are here but we just don't fit in and don't belong here.

Sanity and insanity are constant colliders of this realm and we can see beyond this petty game of cat and mouse.

This is our crown of thorns and our salvation.

From a young age, I was never anti-social but deep inside I knew. This world, all this is just facade with a pig lipstick on it.

Anyway, It is a beautiful piece of a beautiful mind.

I read your previous comments...

l'aryensoufi not everything must be beautiful, a painter must paint the truth as he sees it as is the case with the writer/poet.

Truth is the first,

the last and only defense against evil.

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Of course, very happy to hear from you. It's the SPIRIT, isolates us! I'm not anti-social in the least. Just a good liar for the throngs of human flesh who pretend to have a meaning in their lives. In Islam there is no other than Allah. La ilah ha il Allah, He has no partner. He's the biggest LONER of all the Worlds. I guess it's just my Sufi-Side who gets the better of me!

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Wow l'aryensoufi, I struggle to muster the words to thank you for this exquisite, and outstandingly erudite post...

I think I must take your leaf, and respond in kind, in mirrored form...

Till then, tu tiens mon âme, dans la paume de ta main. Assistez-y doucement, jusqu'à ce que je le demande en retour mon ami...

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Salut à toi Ange de Feu.

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Salut à toi alchimiste, magicien, programmeur linguistique et marionnettiste des réactions...

Toutes mes excuses, ce n'était pas ma plus belle heure.

Un aperçu dans le miroir de la vérité, mis à nu et nu sous la pluie, pique la peau...

Rappelez-vous que ce n'est que superficiel, l'amour et la haine, le plaisir et la douleur, sont tous les mêmes à la fin, si seulement on peut voir la beauté, et pas la simple rose dorée.


I should have had more grace and appreciation, instead my mind saw something else...

Be well l'aryensoufi.

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Good song! You too, keep well.

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I'm really quite glad to see that not everyone is a skin deep asshole! Some have very holy arses!

Actually, when I write, it's about youth's search into the bottomless pit for the attainment of a Love he's the only one having. It cannnnn work. How long does it take? All depends on how deep one goes into Hell for another. How much you'll carry for another. How much of your soul matter are you willing to give to the holographic festival of shadows in Urd's Well? I always tell my kids, "Faut savoir prendre à la Mégère ce qu'elle est." Either you take from the shrew what makes her such, & or she stays a skin deep idiot and or eventually reveals the deep down egotistical Shrew she was meant to be. Shakespeare knew this, or did he not? Saw Richard Burton's version of the play when a kid, his real wife played what was really quite becoming to her, ...and being although a child, I thought how stupendously perspicacious this writer was, ie, good old William! Suis-je misogyne? Not at all! Mais je suis quand même, un Macho. Et cela ne me dérange pas le moindre! Mon fils Emmanuel, ou Manu, quand ado, les appelait "des femmes serpents", quite fitting don't you think what with the link you attached to the commentary section! You really do have a deep down gift don't you?

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It's best to keep the holy hole clean...

And beautifully said, Shakespeare, or whom ever welded the spear with such a name, touched upon the infinite, but was he aware?

Manu... A Perfect name...

Apologies for deleting the serpent link, I felt I stepped too far, in the cold light of day.

I don't know whether it is gift or curse, but I know it is a wayward beast, that needs taming at times.

The gift dwells within you...

May the sun shine down on you and yours, until the very end.

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Bravo l'ami...

Not fire, but raging, cleansing water.


Here comes the flood

Rivers of mud, baby

Here comes the quake

Evacuate while you still can

Here comes the fire

Our funeral pyre, baby

Here comes the flood

Here comes the blood bath

Here comes the fly

Fifty foot high, baby

Here comes the war

More blood and gore

Than you can stand

Here comes the race

From outer space, baby

It's all over

We're all gonna die

If the good Lord had intended me to live in L.A. he'd given me a machine gun.

Still, here I am, just another worried little citizen of this modern-day

Pompeii waiting for the melt-down, the show-down, the great American close-down.

When that fault-line that runs right through society's fabric finally snaps

And the whole damn thing starts unraveling.

Why watch the sports channel when you can watch C.N.N.?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest race in history, the race to end all races,

In fact the race to end history. In lane one - the San Andreas Fault, in lane two

Global Recession, in three - El Nino, in four

Chemical War, lane five - Inter-Racial Conflict, lane six

Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome. On your marks. Get Set. Wait for it.......... Go!

Here comes the flood

Rivers of blood, baby

Here comes the bomb

It won't be long

'Til we're all gone

Here comes the sun

Run baby run, baby

If you believe all that you read

You'll know the end is nigh

We're gonna die!!

My words fly up to heaven, my thoughts remain below

Words said without feeling never to heaven go...


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Boiling water from God's pot of supernal beverage! The Gardians to the Solar Door. -phim is the plural, n'est-ce pas pour les noms au masculin. Marshal. How many radiant raging gallons pulsating?

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Enough boiled Dante...

Time for the jewel in the desert...


Take a sip from the cup...

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Nitzsche didn't think much of Socrates either. Likened him to a genetic defect and called him a dialectician. Will cross post in the morning.

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Thank you again.

I still some how appreciate the writings of his plaything boy. Plato had a way of revealing "the Universal Geopolitical always same World Order PLAN", while slyly showing those of us who have taken the trouble to read him in whatever language (seen he was just Pléthon masquerading under Ficino), that at the same time there was a back door to the front side of the HOUSE, "Out thru the In Door"! Especially in the 8th Chapter of his Replublica.

Any how, I'm just a naughty upstart.

Socrates did have an impish face. Almost as ugly as the Monkey looking Darwin.

A good excuse for the likes of the Woody Allen's on this earth.

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LOL, The Republic was the first articulation of a perfect Marxist state, revolting...

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...je vais de ce pas boire à ta Santé Jack; but not with Irony! Downstairs José Cuervo's waiting forme. Bleu Agave, de Plata con naranjas y hielo y limon! Y todo eso con mi carina.

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Why did the Mexican throw his wife out the window? He wanted te-quil-her. Old tequila drinking joke back in the day, bring lemons and salt

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Outstanding soul enhancing soliloquy, L'aryensoufi. Salutations & Sinn Fein.

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Sinn Fein!

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I'll tell you l'aryen , you really do have readership appeal. We erased a lot of your hits on the new Human playing with the site, but I think we should regularly publish you in French on the site, in deference to our 200 thousand reads from France on the old site.

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It's Thursday, the last day before the weekend...


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