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"God is an Archetype for a barrel of beer. And Satan likes his fill of draft."

True, shared, I hope it helps a bit...

This is becoming a gathering of poets, but there are worse curses and destinies in this world than the heart of the poet yearning for true freedom.

In a sense, we are all loners we are here but we just don't fit in and don't belong here.

Sanity and insanity are constant colliders of this realm and we can see beyond this petty game of cat and mouse.

This is our crown of thorns and our salvation.

From a young age, I was never anti-social but deep inside I knew. This world, all this is just facade with a pig lipstick on it.

Anyway, It is a beautiful piece of a beautiful mind.

I read your previous comments...

l'aryensoufi not everything must be beautiful, a painter must paint the truth as he sees it as is the case with the writer/poet.

Truth is the first,

the last and only defense against evil.

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Wow l'aryensoufi, I struggle to muster the words to thank you for this exquisite, and outstandingly erudite post...

I think I must take your leaf, and respond in kind, in mirrored form...

Till then, tu tiens mon âme, dans la paume de ta main. Assistez-y doucement, jusqu'à ce que je le demande en retour mon ami...

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Nitzsche didn't think much of Socrates either. Likened him to a genetic defect and called him a dialectician. Will cross post in the morning.

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Outstanding soul enhancing soliloquy, L'aryensoufi. Salutations & Sinn Fein.

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I'll tell you l'aryen , you really do have readership appeal. We erased a lot of your hits on the new Human playing with the site, but I think we should regularly publish you in French on the site, in deference to our 200 thousand reads from France on the old site.

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It's Thursday, the last day before the weekend...


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